Adaptable Formwork for Dairy Farm Digester Tanks

Baltic, Hurley, and Millbank, South Dakota

Sustainable Agriculture and Waste Management

Farm digesters, also known as anaerobic digesters, are an increasingly valuable tool for sustainable agriculture and waste management. These systems use microorganisms to break down organic materials such as manure, food waste, and crop residues, producing biogas that can be used for energy generation or heat. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, digesters can help farmers save on energy costs and improve soil health by producing nutrient-rich fertilizers. As the demand for renewable energy sources and sustainable agriculture practices grows, adopting farm digesters is becoming increasingly important in creating a more environmentally friendly and efficient agricultural system.

Brooks Construction | Experts in Agricultural Construction

Brooks Construction Services, a company specializing in agricultural construction, is at the forefront of designing and building farm digesters for farmers and agribusinesses. With their agricultural industry expertise and construction experience, Brooks Construction Services provides comprehensive services that include site analysis, system design, construction, and ongoing maintenance. Their team of experts ensures that each farm digester is custom designed to meet the unique needs of each farmer, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness. With the help of companies like Brooks Construction, farmers can improve their environmental impact while saving money and improving the sustainability of their operations.

Partnering with the Concrete Construction Formwork Experts

For the past two years, the experts at Brooks Construction Services have partnered with the concrete construction experts at EFCO to construct 12 multiple-diameter digester tanks on four separate projects. In both years, the contractor faced the challenge of completing the concrete work in three months. Along with this stringent schedule, the project specifications required that the formwork remains in place for five days before cycling.

Adaptable Formwork for Concrete Construction

The measurements of the dozen tanks differed in their width, height, and depth. Consequently, Brooks Construction Services needed an adjustable formwork structure so that they could quickly adapt to the precise needs of each tank. To stay on schedule, they would need enough equipment to complete the job.

Meeting the Lowest In-place Concrete Cost

To meet the project’s deadline and achieve the lowest in-place concrete cost, EFCO offered Brooks Construction a complete set of REDI-RADIUS® equipment and an EFCO SUPER STUD® shaping table delivered to each construction site to help meet the project’s deadline. This solution is perfect for multiple diameters because REDI-RADIUS can be adjusted to any radius 18′ (5.5 m) or larger. The shaping table makes it possible to shape the radius of each panel and then assemble them together to form large gangs.

Why Trust Anyone Else?

As a result of the tanks Brooks Construction built, 55 million gallons (208 million liters) of manure will be treated each year, and 64,500 tons (58,500 metric tons) of greenhouse gases will be removed from lagoons each year. EFCO is proud to support sustainability projects like this to improve the health of our communities.




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