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Company: W.W. Clyde 

Project Location:

Formwork Specialist-Phoenix

Nick Dudzinski, EFCO Territory Manager
Skyler Saemisch, EFCO Field Supervisor
Jill Provost, EFCO Engineer

Project Requirements

Planning Increases Productivity | Outer Walls Of The Spillway Had Changing Conditions

Some were battered up to a certain elevation and then straightened out. Other sections consisted of a batter all the way to the top of the wall, some of which were 40′ (12.2 m) in height. About halfway along the spillway, these walls even began to curve.

Formwork Used



Project Overview

Dry Creek Dam & Reservoir Modification

The purpose of the Dry Creek Dam and Reservoir Modifications project is to upgrade the dam to meet current safety regulations and to extend the life of the structure by 50+ years. This rehabilitation project includes excavation of almost half of the existing reservoir, construction of a new spillway, sediment basin and improvements to the drainage system and roadway. In addition to improved dam safety, it will also add irrigation water storage capacity for Lehi. Once finished, Dry Creek Lake will provide outdoor recreation activities such as stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking and swimming. Surrounding the reservoir, the Murdock Canal Trail will provide trails for running, walking and road biking.

Customer Benefits

Formwork Solution Was EFCO’s SUPER STUD® And E-BEAM®

The versatility of the system enables adjustment to meet almost any criteria.

Bolt holes at 2″ (50 mm) centers for E-BEAMS and 3″ (75 mm) centers for SUPER STUDS made adjusting the location of the Tie Bearings to avoid rebar while maintaining a 1,000 psf (48 kPa)pour pressure possible.

No Need For Costly Repairs of Formwork

Plywood facing is advantageous for drilling new tie holes where necessary.

Wide Variety of SUPER STUD Lengths

EFCO’s wide variety of SUPER STUD lengths (ranging from 6″ to 12′ (150 mm x 3600 mm)) enabled the contractor to add or remove SUPER STUDS in the areas with a drastic slope.

Moment End Connection

Because of its moment end connection and incredible bending capacity, the SUPER STUDS acted as stiffbacks to allow these concrete walls to be set and poured to full height.

In situations where they just couldn’t get a tie to fit at a SUPER STUD location,  walers were created between two SUPER STUDS to adjust the tie location.

Accessories of the SUPER STUD Formwork System

EFCO’s Heavy-Duty Pipe Braces were used to hold up 30′-40′ (9.2 m-12.2 m) tall rebar cages, and E-BEAMS were laid out to create a table on which to tie rebar.

Dry Creek Dam and Reservoir Modifications- Lehi, Utah
Dry Creek Dam and Reservoir Modifications
Lehi, Utah
Dry Creek Dam and Reservoir Modifications- Lehi, Utah
Dry Creek Dam and Reservoir Modifications
Lehi, Utah
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