Fast formwork Cycling with Box Culvert Traveler System

Hennepin, Illinois


Cast-In-Place Box Culvert

EFCO’s cast-in-place concrete Box Culvert system is one of the most cost-effective methods for accelerating your construction process. With the EFCO Box Culvert Traveler system, you have several options to fulfill your project requirements.

Economical Box Culvert System

Organizing and scheduling a project are critical factors in making cast-in-place culverts economical. Brandt Construction took the first step and visited EFCO’s Concrete Construction & Forming Institute in Des Moines, Iowa.



Hands-On Formwork Training

At the Institute, Brandt received hands-on formwork training with the EFCO LITE® system. They learned about the simple EFCO Invert assembly and external roof support system of the Box Culvert system. Brandt also practiced assembling and cycling the system. They were impressed with the ease of installation and the formwork system’s flexibility.

Invert Assembly Box System

This project needed EFCO’s cast-in-place Box Culvert system to form a surface water drainage system. The first step in forming a box culvert requires EFCO Inverts. The EFCO Invert system is a rigid assembly that shapes the culvert floor slab and starter walls. An entire section of the Invert can be moved as a single unit. The Invert assembly requires no external bracing and creates consistent and true starter walls. The EFCO Box Culvert Traveler system then rests upon the previously poured concrete slab and starter walls.

Saving Time & Money With Fast Formwork Cycling

A small crew from Brandt assembled an 8′ wide x 6′ tall x 40′ long Box Culvert Traveler using EFCO LITE® formwork for the side walls. EFCO’s external roof support system supports the roof slab until the concrete reaches specific strength requirements. This enabled Brandt to cycle the Box Culvert Traveler four times per week, making 16 pours in five weeks. This included build-up and tear- down for an overall length of 632′.

Why Trust Anyone Else?

The Brandt Construction crew is very familiar with the cost-saving features of both the EFCO LITE formwork system for walls and EFCO’s Flying Slab system for bridges. The crew has completed many successful projects in both Iowa and Illinois.





Julian Nixon, Territory Manager
Matt Harrington, Field Supervisor
Will Verdoorn, Engineer

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Pat Shea Project Manager
Jack Canale Project Manager
Tom Ringelstetter Project Engineer
David Stanke Project Engineer
Dale Kehoe Superintendent

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