E-Z DECK Makes Multi-Height Slab Construction Easy

Bogotá, Colombia

Construction of the Museum of Memory

The National Museum of Memory, located in Bogotá, Colombia, is a project that aims to provide a permanent home to commemorate the country’s history of conflict and to provide a place of learning and reflection. The exhibition used to travel to various cities, but the new museum is now a stationary structure designed to allow for an immersive and evocative experience.

Multi-height Slab Construction

With their extensive experience executing large-scale infrastructure and building works, Ferralia AGF was chosen as the contractor to meet the project’s demanding work schedule. Ferralia AGF was challenged with constructing multi-height slabs within the shortest timeframe possible while adhering to safety and quality standards set by the builder, OHLA Company. To achieve the project’s productivity and safety objectives, Ferralia AGF partnered with EFCO, relying on innovative engineering expertise in shoring solutions for slab construction at various levels.

Multi-height Slab Construction

Increased Assembly and Disassembly Productivity

EFCO’s engineering department developed a solution using the E-Z DECK® system to support the project’s varying slab heights. Single E-Z Post assemblies were used on single-story height locations, which increased assembly, disassembly, and reduced manpower requirements. The E-Z DECK Posts’ high-capacity load allows for a larger area to be shored with a single post, making it more efficient than other systems on the market.

Assembly of Double and Triple-Height Slabs with E-Z DECK System

For the double and triple-height slabs, tables were designed using the same EFCO E-Z DECK® system. The project required fewer shoring towers due to the strength and versatility of the E-Z DECK Posts, with each post providing a maximum capacity of 124.5 kN (28,000 lbs). The hinged jaws on the ends of an E-Z DECK Panel, easily attached or detached from a post with a hammer blow to the Bobber Pin, made assembly and disassembly much faster. Additionally, the lightweight E-Z DECK tables could be quickly built by hand, meeting the project’s safety and productivity objectives.

Multi-height Slab Construction

Having worked with different systems available in the market, I highly recommend EFCO’s E-Z DECK system. This incredibly light system can bear significant weight, making it an ideal choice for improving project productivity. Furthermore, EFCO provided excellent on-site support whenever needed, and their warehouse logistics are impressive, ensuring that work requirements are always met promptly.

-Carlos Árias, Project Engineer

Why Choose Anyone Else?

The project’s construction presented various challenges, but EFCO stuck by their Core Values of Quality, Innovation, Integrity, and Super Service to provide expertly engineered product solutions that enhanced productivity and safety. Ferralia AGF was impressed with EFCO’s on-site support and ability to meet the requirements of the project safely and efficiently.




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