EFCO Chosen for Safety & Efficiency

Silverado Canyon, California

EFCO Provides a Safe Formwork Solution

EFCO partnered with HBA, Incorporated to successfully complete St. Michael’s Abby Bell Tower in Silverado Canyon, California. This US$120M project includes a church, convent, monastery, burial chapel, and bell tower. Several EFCO systems were engineered to increase productivity, safety, and efficiency and provide the project’s best value and lowest in-place concrete costs.

EFCO systems used:

Formwork Easily Reconfigured

Formwork Easily Reconfigured

The 108′ (33 m) tall bell tower was completed in six lifts of approximately 18′ (5.5 m) each. The HBA/EFCO team faced the unique challenge of needing a formwork solution that formed a pilaster in one of the corners for the first two lifts only. The forms were designed in a windmill configuration that enabled the exterior formwork to be easily adjusted after the first two lifts as the concrete dimensions changed.

Safety Solution

Later in production, EFCO provided six-foot tall exterior scaffold posts to support contractor-supplied netting, ensuring contractor safety. On the inside gangs, the Flipper Deck system was raised with the interior formwork, keeping the tower’s interior completely decked off at all times. Plywood-faced E-BEAM & SUPER STUD formwork was desired, such as window block outs and reveals could be easily attached. EFCO’s Retractable Combination Bias Corners were used on the interior to enable the forms to be easily stripped manually without ever coming apart.



Guided Rail System

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Elias Aguayo, General Foreman

Gerry Pyle, CEO

Daniel Jimenez, Project Manager



Cody O’Neil, EFCO Sr. Territory Manager

Kris Aguilar, EFCO Field Supervisor

Kyle Hamilton, EFCO Engineer

We liked working with EFCO because they provided a turn-key formwork system. The bell tower had changed dimensions as the tower went up, including a pilaster in one of the exterior corners for the first two lifts. After the first two lifts, the pilaster disappeared, and the E-BEAM & SUPER STUD panels easily adjusted to form these changing shapes. We also were impressed with how plumb, square, and straight the system remained.

-Daniel Jimenez, Project Manager