Formwork Technology Leader with Self-Climbing Formwork System

San Diego, California

Formwork Technology Leader

At the intersection of Ash and Union, in the heart of downtown San Diego, construction of the Simone high-rise is underway. This newest addition to the Little Italy neighborhood is a 36-story apartment building full of modern amenities, including a 10,000 ft2 rooftop lounge and electric car charging stations. Swinerton Builders chose the leader in formwork technology, EFCO, to provide a formwork solution for the cast-in-place vertical concrete for the project.

Formwork for Stair Cores, Shear Walls, and Columns

The formwork needed for this project included the elevator and stair cores, shear walls, and columns. Swinerton Builder’s choice of using EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER® formwork system enabled the crew to pour columns and shear walls up to 10′ long completely tieless.


No Need to Re-skin Formwork Panels

Using the PLATE GIRDER system means never having to replace the face sheet. Unlike some competitive systems, the all-steel construction of the PLATE GIRDER formwork eliminates the need to re-skin panels saving time and unnecessary costs.

Formwork for Elevator Cores

The project’s core consists of three cells; a central elevator core flanked by two stairwell cores. The Swinerton crew elected to use EFCO’s POWER TOWER® PT-100 self-climbing system for the core construction.


Self-Climbing Formwork System | Formwork Technology Leader

Self-Climbing Formwork System | Formwork Technology Leader

Self-Climbing Formwork System

The POWER TOWER® PT-100 is a single long-stroke cylinder with a computerized self-leveling system designed with a 100,000 lb (445kN) lock-off capacity and a 80,000 lb (355 kN) lift capacity. Designed to take everything to the top, EFCO’s PT-100 carried the placing boom and the interior and exterior formwork. The complete assembly of the POWER TOWER® PT-100 self-climbing system is robust and safe and meets the demands of the high-rise construction industry.

Formwork with Hinged Corners

The PLATE GIRDER® formwork was hung from the overhead beam trolleys of the PT-100 system. The beam trolleys are adjustable and enable up to a 2′-6″ (750 mm) space between the formwork and the core walls if additional clearance is required. Swinerton’s crew, responsible for the core construction, quickly became efficient with the PT-100 system and maintained the project’s schedule with a four-person team.

Self-Climbing Formwork System | Formwork Technology Leader




Cody O’Neil, District Manager
John Zuluaga, Field Supervisor
Lawrence Benavente, Engineer

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The PLATE GIRDER system saved us a lot of time and money. We did not have to re-skin any panels. As for the PT-100 lifter system, the guys got the hang of using it quickly, making cycling easier than other systems.

-Justin Fulton, General Superintendent


Junior Arteaga, Superintendent
Travis Kazemier, Concrete General Foreman
Dustin Kauhi-Peterson, Carpenter Foreman
Justin Fulton, General Superintendent

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