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Headworks Reservoir Construction Heads into Phase Three

The Headworks Reservoir, replacing the Silver Lake Reservoir, is being built to comply with federal requirements for safe drinking water. With four distinct phases planned, the first two phases were successfully completed, constructing the east and west reservoirs. The Phase Three Structural Concrete Package has been awarded to Stacy and Witbeck, Inc., responsible for building the Headworks Flow Control Station, comprised of four vaults. The entire project is expected to conclude in 2024.

EFCO LITE Handles High Pour Pressure Rates

With wall heights of the vaults approaching 30′ (9 m) tall and wall thicknesses of only 18″-30″ (500 mm-750 mm), Stacy and Witbeck chose to partner with EFCO using the EFCO LITE® system due to its ability to hold rigidity and deliver a superior concrete finish with its steel facesheet construction while accommodating high pour pressure rates of up to 1200 psf (57 kPa). The system’s modularity allowed for minimal parts and pieces with the ability to fly in large gangs of up to 24′ (7.2 m) long without requiring adjustments between concrete pours.

EFCO Engineering for Formwork Access

Due to the height, minimal wall thickness, and thick rebar, Stacy & Witbeck needed access to monitor the concrete placement. EFCO’s engineers worked with Stacy & Witbeck to incorporate site-built pour windows with the standard EFCO LITE® formwork to accomplish this. These pour windows allowed the construction team to safely place the concrete in the formwork walls at recommended intervals. Once again, due to the modularity of the system, Stacy and Witbeck could easily reconfigure the system layout without rebuilding to accommodate the next pour. Corbels were also incorporated into the formwork in the same fashion.

Versatility between EFCO Systems

EFCO’s standard bolting pattern enables various EFCO systems to connect. Thus, the construction team could use EFCO LITE® formwork for the straight walls and PLATE GIRDER® formwork, including Combination Bias Corner (CBC) panels at the wall corners. PLATE GIRDER formwork requires fewer ties per area, and Combination Bias Corners come in a variety of sizes, eliminating the need for fillers. This results in reduced congestion at the wall corners and facilitates rebar placement.

Why Stacy and Witbeck Chose EFCO

EFCO achieved the lowest in-place concrete cost with a dedication to Quality products and innovative engineering. The adaptability of EFCO LITE® and PLATE GIRDER® formwork allowed for the safe pouring of the 30′ (9 m) walls with the recommended pour windows, which streamlined the concrete placement process. The rapid cycling of the formwork in large gangs significantly reduced labor hours, contributing to overall cost savings. EFCO’s steel-faced formwork delivered a superior concrete finish, further enhancing cost-efficiency and labor rates.



Due to the use of the steel-faced forms, we saved about 50% of our budget for wall dry finishing. We stayed within budget on the form/stripping of the walls, thanks to the consistent, predictable nature of using the EFCO formwork panels that go together the way you expect them to and strip in large units.

 Will Golubics, Project Manager



Combination Bias Corner



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Stacy & Witbeck TEAM

Will Golubics, Project Manager

Oscar Esparza, Superintendent

Giovanny Marin, Foremen

Luis Rangel, Foremen

Byron Godoy, Engineer

Desmond Washington, Engineer




Eric Walter, Territory Manager

John Zuluaga, Field Supervisor

Lawrence Benavente, Engineer

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