Radius Slab Edge Formwork and Bracing

Charlton, Massachusetts

Radius or Circular Formwork Systems for Tanks

Are you looking for radius or circular wall formwork that is quickly adjustable? EFCO can ship radius formwork preshaped or even preassembled in modular sections to address the challenges posed by your construction project! Each construction project poses challenges, like the LNG tank in Charlton, Massachusetts.

What is an LNG Tank?

Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is stored in a specialized tank called an LNG tank. These storage tanks can be found above ground, below ground, or in specialized carriers. LNG is stored at a temperature of -260°F (-162°C) in a double-lined tank. The inner tank stores the LNG, and the outer tank provides insulation to maintain the required low temperatures.

Northeast Energy Center

The LNG Facility in Charlton, Massachusetts, consists of a massive LNG tank, a gas interconnection pipeline, and a gas meter station. The natural gas is delivered through a pipeline that pulls from the existing Tennessee Gas Pipeline. The new facility can liquefy 250,000 gallons (950,000 liters) per day of natural gas and distribute it via special trucks. This facility’s expected production is approximately 168,240 gallons (636,860 liters) of LNG per day.


Tieless Slab Edge Formwork

Manafort-Precision, LLC., chose to use EFCO’s REDI-RADIUS® formwork panels to construct the 86′ (26 m) diameter x 4′-2″ (1.27 m) LNG tank footing tieless. The REDI-RADIUS formwork system can be assembled quickly and easily with no loose pieces. The radius/circular formwork panels can be preassembled and shipped to a jobsite ready to use. The radius can also be easily adjusted on the job time after time and does not lose its radius between cycles. This system will suit your needs for future pours, saving time, costs, and labor.

Radius Slab Edge Formwork and Bracing

Radius Slab Edge Formwork and Bracing

Stepped Footing Formwork

EFCO’s erector set, the SUPER STUD®, was used to suspend and support the inside-stepped footing formwork while acting as the bracing point for the outside radius formwork. The project involved a mass concrete pour and required cooling pipes to control the curing process. It took six hours to pour 714 yd3 (546 m3) of concrete.





Steve Kulla, Sr. Territory Manager
Louis Szabo, Sr. Field Supervisor
Joel Lindberg, Engineer


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Manafort-Precision TEAM

Max Wosky, Project Manager
Josh Faucher, Superintendent

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