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Hatfield, Pennsylvania

Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion

The Clemens Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion project marks a significant advancement in the infrastructure capabilities of Clemens, a leader in pork production and distribution. This project was initiated to address the increasing demands on the existing wastewater treatment facility. The expansion included adding four aeration tanks and two supplementary ones – a diffuser and a re-buffer tank for six tanks. This upgrade was designed not only to enhance the plant’s capacity but also to ensure it continues to meet the environmental standards required in the industry.

Superior Radius Tank Forming System

Groffdale Concrete Walls, Inc. can attribute their success on the Clemens Wastewater Treatment Plant project to their collaboration with EFCO, a choice based not only on a longstanding relationship but also on EFCO’s reputation for providing the most superior radius tank forming system available. During the course of the project, Groffdale Concrete and EFCO faced unique challenges head-on. The six radius tanks, including two large adjacent aeration tanks, measuring 150′ in diameter by 26′ tall, and two smaller tanks nearby, demanded cycling and reuse of similar forms with minimal reassembly. The REDI-RADIUS® formwork, once shaped and set, holds its shape for the project’s duration but is easily reshaped to accommodate any required radius.

Minimal Manpower

Groffdale selected EFCO’s REDI-RADIUS and SUPER STUD systems as the project’s formwork. One of the standout features was the minimal manpower required to cycle the formwork. A crew of just five individuals managed the formwork for the concrete pours, a testament to the efficiency of EFCO’s system. The project’s biggest gang form measured an impressive 80′ in length and 26′ in height, demonstrating the scale and complexity of the task at hand. Despite the project’s size, EFCO’s formwork solutions allowed for the efficient setting, tying of rebar, and concrete pouring within a single day.

On-site Expertise by EFCO’s Field Service

EFCO consistently demonstrated their dedication to achieving the lowest in-place concrete cost through their exceptional engineering, on-site assistance, and expertise in building and cycling tall, curved wall formwork gangs. EFCO’s team in the field actively provided guidance and support while their careful logistics planning minimized truck traffic and ensured smooth project operations. The unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch solutions and support of the project’s crews demonstrated EFCO core values of Super Service, Quality, and Innovation.

Why Groffdale Concrete Walls, Inc. Chose EFCO

The expansion of the Clemens Wastewater Treatment Plant is a testament to EFCO’s ability to meet and exceed the demands of large-scale construction projects. Through innovative product solutions, exceptional service, and a focus on efficiency, EFCO has once again demonstrated why contractors choose its systems for the most challenging projects. The successful partnership between EFCO and Groffdale Construction on this expansion project not only achieved the immediate goal of enhancing the plant’s capacity but also set new benchmarks for efficiency and effectiveness in the construction industry.




I am impressed with the speed and convenience of using the radius system; so much can be accomplished with minimal manpower and this system.

-Elam Glick, Groffdale Concrete Wall





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