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Madison, Wisconsin

Efficient Concrete Construction of New Moxy Hotel

Moxy Hotels, part of NCG Hospitality’s portfolio of brands, contracted with Tri-North Builders to build the Moxy Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin. As Tri-North embarked on building this multi-level project, they enlisted the help of their long-time formwork and shoring provider, EFCO, to supply the concrete construction formwork and shoring. Their familiarity with EFCO’s systems proved instrumental in ensuring the project’s success and allowed them to cycle the formwork quickly, resulting in maximum production.

Efficiency at its Best with EFCO PLATE GIRDER formwork

Tri-North used EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER® formwork system to form the Moxy Hotel’s three stair and elevator cores. PLATE GIRDER panels were bolted together into larger gangs, measuring up to 28′ (8.5 m) long by 14′ (4.25 m) tall. Each wall face was shaped with one gang of forms lifted in a single crane pick, which helped streamline cycling the forms between floors, reducing labor and enhancing productivity. The steel facesheets of the PLATE GIRDER system allowed for a superior concrete finish for the exposed core walls, and the inclusion of rigid corners ensured the alignment of the core corners, floor after floor. PLATE GIRDER’s large panels require fewer ties per square foot (square meter) than our competitors while maintaining a pour pressure of 1,200 lbs/ft2 (57 kPa). This ability allowed panel tie spacing on the project to span up to 24 ft2 (2.16 m2) per tie, providing additional labor savings. EFCO also provided SUPER STUD® A-frames on the ground to store the PLATE GIRDER gangs vertically between concrete pours. On a small jobsite like this one, every inch is valuable.

Formwork Cycling Efficiency

EFCO was able to work with Tri-North’s team pre-construction to come up with the perfect shoring solution. EFCO DECK®, EFCO’s lightweight single-post handset shoring production system, was ideal for constructing large repetitive internal slabs. The high-strength galvanized steel posts, along with wheeled carts and bins for transporting, allowed Tri-North to set over 65 ft2/man-hr (6 m2/man-hr) of formwork. EFCO supplied E-Z DECK shore towers for the edge conditions, which were unique on many floors. The E-Z DECK shore towers were quickly and easily set around varying beam configurations, allowing for varying slabs’ thickness and height. E-Z DECK flexibility reduced the amount of one-time use equipment and in-and-out freight. The most influential factor in production savings was Tri-North’s familiarity with EFCO products. Tri-North’s continuing relationship with EFCO significantly accelerated the formwork cycling process and optimized labor resources.

Why Tri-North Chose EFCO

Tri-North’s decision to partner with EFCO for the Moxy Hotel project was due to their extensive experience using EFCO formwork, having successfully completed over 20 projects as an EFCO customer. The reliability and ease of assembly, coupled with the efficiency brought by EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER and EFCO DECK, enabled Tri-North to achieve the lowest in-place concrete cost. The successful completion of the multi-story building project is a testament to the power of collaboration and the effectiveness of EFCO’s solutions. Demonstrating how EFCO lives its core values, projects like the Moxy Hotel show off EFCO’s innovative solutions and reinforce customers’ trust in EFCO for their diverse construction needs. EFCO and Tri-North are already working on the next project.

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Tri-North Builders TEAM

Kris Benish, General Superintendent

Kevin Bush, Superintendent

Erika Cleaver, Sr. Project Manager

Todd Anderson, Shoring Foreman

Josh Dodge, Core Foreman


Joben Grimmius, Territory Manager

Paul Huisinga, Sr. Field Supervisor

Christopher Manson, Engineer

Zachary Scholten, Engineer

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