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Santiago, Chile

Formwork & Shoring Solution With EFCO

Bravo Izquierdo is a well-known Chilean construction and real estate company that has always stood above the crowd because of its high standards of quality and innovation. EFCO was their choice for providing formwork and shoring solutions for the construction of INACAP Technical Training Center, a 215,230 ft2 (20,000 m²) building dedicated to technical education in the heart of La Granja, Santiago, Chile.

Why Choose Anyone Else?

EFCO is a single source for formwork and shoring products, services, planning, project management, and logistics. EFCO provides time and cost estimates, taking out the guesswork.

Formwork for Post-tensioned Slabs, slab roof and walls

INACAP is one of Chile’s most prominent technical education centers, with more than 26 campuses across 16 regions. The design of their new Technical Training Center building is strikingly attractive, with six levels above grade, subgrade levels, post-tensioned slabs, a beautiful sloping slab roof, and facade walls with fair-faced architectural concrete. These attributes provided quite a challenge to the contractor, who then needed to design a solution that would honor a very tight construction schedule.


Cast-In-Place Concrete Column Construction

The EFCO LITE® formwork system is an excellent solution for cast-in-place concrete column construction. This system is designed to resist 2,000 lb/ft2 (96 kN/m2) concrete pour pressure. The EFCO LITE formwork panel is lightweight, and one panel can accommodate various dimensions. The lightweight panel system by EFCO was what the Bravo Izquierdo crew needed to successfully pour the several types of columns required for the project.

High Slab, Sloping Slab Shoring Systems

EFCO engineers recommended E-Z DECK® as the best shoring system for handling the height and slope of the roof slab. Shoring the roof slab was a bit of a challenge because of its pitch. Not all shoring systems can accommodate an architectural design of this nature; however, adding EFCO’s adjustable swivel head to the top of E-Z DECK shoring towers achieves the required pitch. EFCO’s slab shoring solution is safe and productive.

Lightweight Formwork System

For the facade walls, the Bravo Izquierdo team wanted an easy-to-assemble, lightweight formwork system that minimized the number of ties needed per square foot and could provide an excellent concrete finish. EFCO proposed the use of the E-BEAM® & SUPER STUD® wall system. This lightweight formwork system is a lower-cost alternative to other EFCO formwork options and offers an excellent list of features unmatched in the industry.

Formwork & Shoring for Post-tensioned Slabs, slab roof, walls, Columns | Cast-In Place

Formwork & Shoring for Post-tensioned Slabs, slab roof, walls, Columns | Cast-In Place

Reducing Labor and Increasing Production with EFCO System

The E-BEAM & SUPER STUD formwork system is light enough to use with smaller cranes, versatile, flexible, and has up to a 30 kip (133.5 kN) per tie load capacity. This means the system uses fewer ties than other competitive panelized formwork systems of similar weight.

It was Bravo Izquierdo’s first time using EFCO’s E-BEAM & SUPER STUD system, and they were pleased with the simple-to-use design and the excellent concrete finish they achieved. EFCO’s formwork and shoring solutions were intuitive to use and helped them reduce labor costs and increase production on the INACAP construction project.




Gonzalo Hernández, Sr. Territory Manager
Cristian Santibáñez, Field Supervisor
Manuel Henríquez, Engineer

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Bravo Izquierdo TEAM

Pablo Fuenzalida, Project Manager & Administrator
Andrés Figueroa, Form Buyer
Cristian Santi, Formwork Office
Aldo Felice, Project Engineer
Alejandro Yamnetti, Project Engineer

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