Proven Efficiency with Handset Formwork

Bacolod City, Philippines

Affordable and Durable Housing for a Vibrant Community

Proxima Centauri Realty and Development Corporation’s expansive project, One Communities South Hill, spans 54 acres (22 hectares) and offers affordable and resilient housing choices for growing families in the Bacolod City region. The development, comprising 1,135 concrete bungalow housing units completed during phases 1 and 2, promotes a community-centric lifestyle.

Proven and Tested Efficiency with EFCO Formwork

For the initial two phases of the project, Proxima Centauri Realty and Development Corporation selected EFCO’s HAND-E-FORM® system. Using approximately 1,063 m2 (11,500 ft2) of formwork for the walls, Proxima completed the structural shell (RC Wall-Perimeter) of the 1,135 bungalow units, totaling around 227,000 m2 (2,450,000 ft2) of poured concrete, in just two years. The durability and versatility of the EFCO system were pivotal, ensuring swift assembly, cycling, and turnover of each housing unit. With HAND-E-FORM, Proxima was able to complete over 210 formwork cycles without having to replace the facesheet, saving time and cost on the jobsite. The durable all-steel, high-strength alloy facesheet extends to the edge of the panel, allowing for a consistent smooth concrete finish and minimizing finishing costs.

EFCO’s HAND-E-FORM for a Variety of Configurations

All EFCO HAND-E-FORM panels have holes in the flanges at 1″ (25 mm) center-to-center increments, allowing for the placement of various clamps and accessories in numerous positions. The EFCO Plate Clamp has a dowel pin that goes through the flange holes and provides a fast connection to align the panels and force the facesheets together, eliminating gaps and leakage.

Utilizing HAND-E-FORM in Phase 3 and Beyond

Proxima used the EFCO Form Cleaner* to properly maintain their HAND-E-FORM panels in preparation for the construction of the Phase 3 project set to start in the first quarter of 2024, which includes the forming and concrete pouring of two-story housing units. They also purchased an additional 1,053 m2 (11,350 ft2) of the HAND-E-FORM system for the Phase 3 project and an upcoming mid-rise 10-story building planned for 2024 to 2026.

*The EFCO Form Cleaner is a machine that automatically cleans and oils the form panel facesheets, processing up to 6,000 ft2 (600 m2) of forms per hour. Proper form maintenance is essential for better concrete appearance, lowest labor costs, and extended life of the forms.

Why Proxima Chose EFCO

Delivering Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Proxima Centauri Realty and Development Corporation chose EFCO for their One Communities South Hill project due to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the HAND-E-FORM system. The proven track record of swift assembly, cycling, and durability, as demonstrated in Phase 1 and 2, coupled with the continuous support and innovation provided by EFCO, helped Proxima realize the lowest in-place concrete cost and solidified their decision to continue with EFCO for Phase 3.



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