Industry Expert Chooses EFCO Formwork

Chonburi, Thailand

Innovative Contractor Uses EFCO Formwork

CAZ (Thailand) Public Company Limited is a loyal EFCO customer. Touted as an expert in the industry, CAZ prides itself on being an innovative and safety-conscious contractor delivering a quality product. EFCO became involved in the Thai Oil Clean Fuel Project when asked to design a safe, cost-effective formwork solution.

Thai Oil – Clean Fuel Project

The Clean Fuel Project (CFP) is a public-private project and part of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). This massive upgrade and expansion project will improve crude oil refining capacity and produce higher-quality fuels, enhancing the country’s energy security. The refinery expansion is expected to increase its capacity to 400,000 barrels per day.

The Clean Fuel Project will increase Thailand’s competitiveness and energy independence, helping it become a crude oil processing hub in Asia. It will also impact economies of scale and minimize refinery costs. The construction of this project consists of several phases between 2021 – 2024, which have the potential to provide hiring opportunities for up to 20,000 people. In addition, several future projects will launch due to this construction, such as utilities, infrastructure, and logistics.

PLATE GIRDER – Column Formwork

EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER® formwork solution would enable the CAZ crew to cast 2200 x 2200 mm (87″ x 87″) concrete columns with a full pour height of 10.03 m (32′-11″). EFCO’s solution also included forms to shape slanted bracing columns at the upper-level of the structure. Because of its strength and durability, EFCO’s PLATE GIRDER® system became the formwork of choice for this application.

Large Gangs of Flying Formwork

Using PLATE GIRDER formwork means fewer components, less bracing support, and zero consumables like plywood and embedded tie rods. The most beneficial features of the PLATE GIRDER system are its ability to be fully assembled into large gangs and flown into place, minimizing the number of crane picks. A beautiful concrete finish is the result of the smooth steel formwork facesheet.

E-Z DECK Shoring System

CAZ also requested EFCO’s help with a shoring solution. The design would need to support a 2 m (6′-6″) thick beam at the height of 17.72 m (58′-2″). The design would also require the following criteria:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Versatile & flexible to meet jobsite restrictions

High-Capacity Shoring Solution

EFCO introduced the CAZ crew to the E-Z DECK® high-capacity shoring system. They were impressed that a heavy-duty system consisted of lightweight components, significantly different from others they had used in the past. The crew could quickly assemble the shoring equipment safely on the ground into towers and place them in the designated location by crane.

Training on the Jobsite

EFCO’s field supervisors tailor their training sessions per each construction crew’s needs. EFCO field supervisors are available to assist construction crews on achieving the most efficient and productive assembly and cycling methods. This is all part of the EFCO package.

The combination of strengths between EFCO Thailand, the CAZ team and their decision to use EFCO formwork had created a solid partnership. Because of this partnership and EFCO’s quality products and services, CAZ has made EFCO its preferred formwork partner, choosing to purchase equipment to build their own inventory. Why trust anyone else?




Thanapol Saithong, Territory Manager
Rakchat Nimpila, Field Supervisor
Ralph Owen Sta Maria, Engineer

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