Innovative Bridge Construction Making History

London, United Kingdom


Precast Concrete Bridge Makes History

In North Lanarkshire, Scotland, the Ravenscraig Bridge is under construction as part of an initiative to improve the connection between Motherwell and Ravenscraig by adding a new road underneath the existing railway line. Murform won the contract to complete the on-site construction of a 5000-metric ton (5510 ton) precast concrete bridge. Upon completion, the bridge was moved into position using self-propelled modular transporters in one of the largest operations of its kind in Europe.

A Reputation of Going Above and Beyond

As a long-term customer and owner of EFCO formwork, Murform knew they could count on EFCO’s Super Service and versatile products to complete the bridge’s primary structure and precast wing walls.

At EFCO, we are committed to engineering solutions and overcoming challenges. We provide quick responses, and our dedication to customer satisfaction has solidified our reputation as a company that emphasizes service just as much as our products.

 -Gerry Brown, EFCO Territory Manager

Reduced Labor with PLATE GIRDER

In addition to contractor-owned formwork, EFCO supplied supplemental PLATE GIRDER® to cast the base, monolithic walls, and slab edge of the roof. An accelerated pour schedule was achieved by cycling large 16 m (52′-6″) x 8 m (26′-3″) tall PLATE GIRDER gangs, weighing up to 14.7 metric tons (15 ton). These large PLATE GIRDER gangs cycled without any walers, reducing labor for the initial assembly and keeping costs low for efficient cycling. The tie spacing and ‘as-struck’ finish of PLATE GIRDER panels reduced the need for patching tie holes and rubbing form joints, keeping labor costs down.

Versatile Standard Products

Murform was able to cycle PLATE GIRDER® formwork for multiple project components, including the wing walls, eliminating the need for additional equipment. A 45-degree chamfer, or “splay,” was incorporated into the top of the wall formwork, utilizing EFCO’s standard CBC panels and struts without custom equipment. E-Z DECK® equipment supported the 1.0 m (3′-3 1/2″) thick roof slab with PLATE GIRDER and SUPER STUDS forming the slab edge.

Why Murform Chose EFCO

Having worked with EFCO for over 20 years, Murform had the utmost confidence in EFCO’s ability to provide Innovative products and services that would contribute to the overall lowest in-place concrete cost. EFCO’s commitment to Super Service and versatile, Quality products allowed Murform to complete the project significantly ahead of schedule while minimizing downtime of the rail line.

Murform selected EFCO for this project due to the suitability of the formwork and our experience with the EFCO team. We were very impressed with the level of detail and engagement by the EFCO Engineers, as they went above and beyond to consider every element of the project. Murform took 14 weeks off the initial project timeframe, most of which was attributed to the efficient EFCO formwork and shoring design.

 -Kevin Keenan, Contracts Manager







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