PLATE GIRDER Forms Massive Pier Caps for JFK Airport

Queens, New York

Generating Jobs at a State-of-the-Art Airport Terminal

The New Terminal One (NTO) at JFK International Airport, one of the largest projects in the New York area, represents a significant engineering effort that will conclude with constructing 23 gates in a state-of-the-art terminal. This terminal, covering an expansive 2.4 million square feet (223 thousand square meters), will undergo phased construction beginning in 2022. The first phase is anticipated to open in 2026, with the terminal fully operational by 2030. This high-profile project is expected to create over 10,000 jobs, including over 6,000 construction jobs.

EFCO’s Tailored Solutions

Oliveira Contracting, recognized as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise, was chosen to construct 18 piers for the project. For the concrete forming process, Oliveira relied on EFCO solutions, using products like Round Column® forms, SUPER PLATE GIRDER®, HS PLATE GIRDER®, Heavy Duty Distribution Beams, and nested HDS-100 shore towers to support the high loads.

Round Column Formwork for Quick Column Construction

Oliveira used EFCO’s all-steel Round Column formwork to build the 54 columns ranging from 19′ to 27′ (5.8 m to 8.2 m) tall. The forms were assembled on the ground before being lifted into position. These forms are designed with vertical flange connectors every 2′ (600 mm), simplifying the processes of stripping and reassembling, resulting in greater labor savings. EFCO’s standard Round Column forms are designed for pour pressures up to 3,000 lb/ft² (144 kPa) for columns less than 5′ in diameter and 2,000 lb/ft² for columns larger than 5′ (1500 mm), but less than 8′ (2400 mm). The pour pressures of these forms allow for safe and efficient concrete placement.

PLATE GIRDER for Long Spanning Pier Caps

The largest caps on the project are 169′ (51.5 m) long, 7′-6″ (2.3 m) wide, and 11′-6″ (3.5 m) tall, making them some of the largest caps formed by EFCO, which means they are among the largest caps in the world. With its versatility and ability to be configured into large gangs, the SUPER PLATE GIRDER® system made the build-up easy. It also allowed for the long spans between columns without the need for midspan support. The forms were supported by nested 8-leg HDS-100 shore towers, which supported up to 100,000 lbs (444 kN) per leg. Stripping was done in sections, and due to the limited number of ties needed for the SUPER PLATE GIRDER system and the minimal number of shore towers needed to form each pier, stripping proved as effortless as form assembly, showcasing EFCO’s commitment to streamlined labor processes.

Why Oliveira Chose EFCO

Oliveira Contracting received practical training from the EFCO team at EFCO’s Concrete Construction and Forming Institute in Des Moines, Iowa. This training helped the project construction crew gain the necessary skills to assemble and cycle the pier cap formwork before the project started. As a result, labor times were optimized, and the first pier was successfully constructed within the expected time frame. This visit set them up for success in the skills and knowledge to assemble EFCO formwork.

As the JFK New Terminal One Airport expansion project continues towards completion, EFCO’s role in its success is undeniable. Their ability to deliver tailored solutions, commitment to the lowest in-place concrete cost principles, and capacity to navigate complex challenges saw this portion of the project through to successful completion.

EFCO’s formwork for piers and caps works perfectly on the JFK Project. The impressive steel formwork gives an excellent finish. I knew it would be good for the project when we could see it in action at the Des Moines, Iowa, facility. Other formwork companies were selling their idea, but EFCO was the best product and solution. I am glad I chose EFCO for the formwork on this job and will use EFCO formwork again in the future.

-Dennis Sanders, Superintendent at Oliveira Contracting





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Oliveira Contracting TEAM

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Dan Astarita, Field Supervisor

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