Why choose Handset Column Formwork?

Using HAND-E-FORM panels and outside tie angle corners to form square and rectangular columns will produce columns with a consistently fine finish. The outside tie angle corner is a standard EFCO Outside Angle Corner with added plates welded to it.

How is the pour pressure contained in the HAND-E-FORM column?

The EFCO Spreader Tie contains the concrete pressures that normally develops in a concrete column pour. The spreader ties used with the tie angle corner are the same length as a spreader tie that would be used internal to a concrete wall of the same thickness as the column.

Add EFCO Vinyl Plastic Chamfers if the architect and or owner requires chamfered corners. When placing the vinyl chamfer in a column, place the tail of the chamfer so that each dimension of the column has only been increased by the thickness of one plastic chamfer fishtail. This is called wind milling the chamfer tail around the column.

The wide range of panel sizes available makes it easy to form columns of almost any dimension. Column forms can be either handset or moved in “L” shaped sections with a crane.

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Handset Column Formwork - HAND-E-FORM - 3D

EFCO’s Handset Column Formwork – HAND-E-FORM

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