Why Choose Heavy Duty Column Formwork for columns?

The EFCO PLATE GIRDER Forming System is very versatile for use on self-spanning applications and walls. In addition, it is an excellent form for rectangular columns. Use the PLATE GIRDER panel with the ribs horizontal for a vertical column and you can produce an excellent architectural column without any internal ties.

Can you climb a PLATE GIRDER column?

The EFCO Z-RIB design lets you climb the forms with appropriate safety equipment without the need of a ladder. Each rib acts as a rung. Easy access and accessories always where you need them for the next set up are benefits of the EFCO system. Labor savings are very important.

How does the outside corner stay in position?

The simple and easy-to-use outside angle corner with the high-strength excellent tensile qualities of the EFCO Quick Bolt carry the column concrete pressures easily around the corner. Compare this to the problems that some of the other systems have with outside corners.

What is the EFCO quick bolt?

The EFCO Quick Bolt is the fastest and lightest form fastener available. With this fast, six square threads per inch fastener, no hammer is required. In just seconds, the Quick Bolt assembly can be inserted, nutted and tightened with a spud wrench to achieve a tensile capacity of 19,000 lb working load and a single fastener shear capacity of 9,000 lb to connect form panels. The same single Quick Bolt fastener can be used to connect panels, scaffolding, top and bottom yokes, aligning and bracing, and accessories including pipe braces to the system. When the EFCO SUPER STUD® System works for you, again only the single and simple EFCO Quick Bolt is used for a fastener. In contrast, clamp type systems only connect panels.

EFCO's Heavy Duty Column Formwork - PLATE GIRDER

EFCO’s Heavy Duty Column Formwork – PLATE GIRDER

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