Why Choose REDI-RADIUS®?

Circular and curved concrete walls, tanks and arches are easy to form with the EFCO REDI-RADIUS forming sytem.

What is the REDI-RADIUS Panel capable of?

EFCO’s REDI-RADIUS system is an interchangeable large panel form system that can be assembled and adjusted to any radius, concave or convex. When the radius approaches an infinite point, the system can be used as a flat panel form for a straight wall solution. The EFCO REDI-RADIUS system has revolutionized radius wall, round tank and arch forming operations much in the same way the EFCO PLATE GIRDER® revolutionized self-spanning forms and aerial concrete.

What is the size of the basic panel?

The basic panel module is 6′ x 12′ providing 72 ft2 of surface area. EFCO’s REDI-RADIUS system is available in two classifications: REDI-RADIUS Sr. and REDI-RADIUS Jr. The senior system will adjust to any radius 18′-0″ and larger while the junior system can dial down to a radius as tight as 9′-0″. Both systems are an excellent solution to all radius concrete challenges.

Can you use the REDI-RADIUS panel with other EFCO panels?

The same bolting pattern of the REDI-RADIUS and PLATE GIRDER forming systems allows REDI-RADIUS to be used in conjunction with PLATE GIRDER forms, accessories, and fasteners.

Can you use a crane with EFCO’s REDI-RADIUS formwork?

The system can be crane handled in large gangs and requires minimum bracing and alignment.

3D Image

Radius Wall Formwork – REDI-RADIUS