Why choose EFCO’s Jump System Formwork?

The EFCO Guided Rail System will climb the wall on a pair of high-strength, steel rails which supports the all-in-one form panel and working platform. Rails are added at ground level to safely guide the set-up to the height requirements for your project and to allow a crane to lift the set-up while continuously attached to the wall.


The EFCO GUIDED RAIL SYSTEM begins at 10’ above the footing. With the EFCO GUIDED RAIL SYSTEM, the forms are rolled back for cycling to the next level and then cleaned, oiled and rebar is placed. The rack and pinion mechanism of the roll-back feature is operated with a ratchet offering the safe and easy removal of the form from the wall.


Rails attached to the wall keep the total form system package of forms, work platforms and support system attached to the wall during the form lifting process to resist unexpected winds.

How accurate is EFCO’s GUIDED RAIL SYSTEM?

The re-usable anchor shoes mounted to the wall ensure correct placement at each level, providing horizontal and vertical form adjustment. Fewer parts to assemble, easy to operate and maintain. Ratchet system can be used to assist worker in rolling back the forms against wind.

Will using EFCO’s GUIDED RAIL SYSTEM improve my productivity?

8’-0” platforms and 2’-6” roll-back access improves cycling productivity

  • Space to clean and oil forms immediately after each lift
  • Space to tie reinforcing steel
  • Space to attach block-outs and reveal strips

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EFCO's Jump System Formwork - GUIDED RAIL SYSTEM

EFCO’s Jump System Formwork – GUIDED RAIL SYSTEM

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