About the Customer

Company: PCL Construction

Project Location: Los Angeles, California

Formwork Specialist-Los Angeles

Joshua Blomeyer, EFCO Territory Manager
Kristian Aguilar, EFCO Field Supervisor
Kyle Hamilton, EFCO Engineer

Project Requirements

UCLA Southwest Campus Apartments Construction

Three cast-in-place 8 to 10-story buildings, providing 591,100 ft2 (54,915 m2) of living space.

Leveraging Experience

Unique challenges with time constraints, both in allowable duration and the hours the site could be worked.


Formwork Used





Project Overview

UCLA developed an ambitious plan to expand student housing to accommodate a 7% projected increase in students annually. With limited land and resources, a high-density living model was chosen to replace buildings at three sites on their West Los Angeles Campus. PCL Construction was selected as the General Contractor to oversee projects at all three sites.

Customer Benefits

Support for Inner Walls

Flipper Lock Platforms – provide a safe way for supporting inner walls for elevator core forming

Forming Concrete Corners

Manual Retractable Corners – Retracting and expanding formwork for forming concrete corners with ease

Forming A Wall Against dirt Or Another Wall

SUPER STUD One-Sided Wall Frames – wall forming frames used to assist in concrete forming when the opposite side of the wall is formed up against dirt or a concrete wall

Formwork for Columns And Walls

EFCO LITE® and PLATE GIRDER® column formwork in a continuous cycle

Hinged Formwork for Columns

Hinged columns, gave the advantage of a single pick that set quickly. It only took four Quick Bolts to close and set a 10′ (3.1 m) column.

UCLA Southwest Campus Apartments
Los Angeles, California
UCLA Southwest Campus Apartments
Los Angeles, California
UCLA Southwest Campus Apartments
Los Angeles, California
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