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Roswell, Georgia

More Than Just a Formwork Solution

After Maximus Construction Services LLC was awarded the contract to construct the Big Creek Water Facility, they began by meeting with their long-time partner EFCO to design a concrete formwork solution. It is important to contact and work with EFCO in your project bidding or planning stage. At that time, a team of experts can evaluate your project needs, determine the best formwork solution and develop a schedule to help achieve the lowest in-place concrete cost.

Construction of Water Reclamation Facility

With a service area of over 70 miles2 (180 km2) across five Georgia counties, the Big Creek Water Reclamation Facility is undergoing another expansion project to support the increasing demand for reclaimed water. This increase requires the facility to grow its treatment capacity from 24 to 32 million gallons per day (91 to 121 million liters per day). The expansion of this facility is touted as the county’s most significant public works project.

Development of a Cost-Effective Formwork Solution

Following the “Planning the Work and Working the Plan” strategy, set the Maximus Construction team up for immediate success. The Maximus Construction and EFCO teams met regularly and outlined the strategy from start to finish. The project plan included laying out a detailed formwork pour sequence for straight walls, “T” walls, and corners.

Lateral Concrete Pressure for High Walls

EFCO engineers designed a solution enabling the Maximus team to assemble formwork and cast walls 54′ (16.5 m) long and 30′ (9.1 m) tall using the EFCO LITE® system. Using EFCO LITE enabled the contractor to take advantage of a 1,200 lb/ft2 (57 kPa) lateral concrete pressure for this project’s high walls while minimizing crane time due to the system’s ability to be assembled into large gangs of formwork.

Tall Walls Using SUPER STUD Bracing

An example of a productivity-minded measure EFCO took included using EFCO SUPER STUDS® as bracing for the 30′ (9.1 m) tall walls instead of traditional pipe braces.

Safety on the Jobsite

Safety and productivity on the jobsite are everyone’s concerns! When selecting a formwork partner, you can trust EFCO solutions to guarantee safety and efficiency. Our products are user-friendly, efficient, and safe. We also offer instruction on the most secure and productive methods for use. EFCO formwork and shoring can be safely assembled on the ground, including the EFCO LITE formwork used for this project’s tall walls. Solid and rigid enough to be crane lifted in one pick, EFCO LITE forms exceed its users’ expectations and consistently deliver a high-quality architectural concrete finish.

Effective Production Rates

The Maximus crew saw an increase in production rates on the construction of the Big Creek Water Reclamation Project. These impressive results were obtained using the EFCO LITE system and allowed the team to maintain an aggressive schedule for this project.




Matt Seabury, Territory Manager
James Ostrander, Sr. Field Supervisor
Eric Maciaszek, Engineer
Dustin Miller, Engineer

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