Overcoming Challenges with EFCO Formwork Systems

Charlotte, North Carolina

United Forming and EFCO: A Successful Collaboration

The construction at 110 East in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been a challenging yet successful project for United Forming and EFCO. United Forming, Inc., has partnered with EFCO on numerous North Carolina projects, most recently, the 2151 Hawkins parking garage and office tower in Charlotte.

Having Challenges, Finding Solutions

Having successfully completed the Hawkins project using EFCO’s E-Z DECK®, United Forming made the easy decision to use the same system to build the 110 East tower, which is only a few blocks away. The 110 East tower project presented new challenges due to the limited site space and the proximity to the Charlotte Lynx rapid transit line East-West Station. United Forming and EFCO teamed up to overcome each challenge.

POWER SHIELD Protection System / Protect Yourself from Falling Debris

One of the requirements for the project was to prevent materials from falling off the Charlotte Lynx side of the building. EFCO’s POWER SHIELD 3.0® system was used to address this challenge. EFCO prebuilt the system at their Atlanta warehouse facility, including all platforms and accessories. The assembled POWER SHIELD 3.0 gangs were then trucked to the project site in Charlotte and installed directly onto the building with minor work, including opening the wings for full-width protection.

Utilization of ADJUST-A DECK, PLATE GIRDER, and E-Z DECK Formwork Systems

Another challenge arose due to minimal entry and exit options for the concrete trucks. A drive-thru lane was required within the footprint of the tower structure to allow passage of the concrete trucks. However, an additional area needed to be shored to allow two trucks access to the concrete pump under the formed decks. Wide spans below the poured decks and beams were required to allow this drive-thru lane adequate width and clearance. Various EFCO systems, including ADJUST-A-DECK®, PLATE GIRDER®, and E-Z DECK® systems, were utilized together to provide access and support as needed.

Flexible from garage to office

Using the EFCO E-Z DECK® formwork system on the 110 East project highlights the growing demand for sustainable and efficient building practices in the construction industry.

The Success of United Forming and EFCO Collaboration

As the construction at 110 East nears completion, it is clear that the collaboration between United Forming, Inc. and EFCO has been crucial to the project’s success. The building will stand as a symbol of progress and innovation in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a testament to the power of teamwork and cutting-edge technology in the construction industry.







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